What Is a Smart Oven and Are They Worth It?

There are few things as important to a home cook as their oven. Whether you’re baking cookies, roasting chicken, or preparing a feast for your family and friends, the right oven can make all the difference in your cooking experience.

The rise of smart appliances is taking convenience to new heights with features that allow users to program an entire meal from start to finish. But, are they worth it?

In this post, I’ll be focussing on just large, in-built ovens. If you were looking for countertop ovens you can read our post on the – best smart countertop ovens.

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What is a smart oven?

A smart range oven is a product that has been designed to offer the latest in intelligent technology, with features such as induction cooktops and convection cooking.

They aim to simplify the process of cooking by offering new features to make the kitchen more efficient, such as automatically calculating time and temperature.

The most common smart ovens are gas ranges that offer a variety of different finishes or electric models with touchscreen displays.

A beautiful lady is heating food in a smart oven

How do smart ovens work?

The first thing a smart range need is a connection to a home network.

Once it is connected, the oven can be accessed with any device from anywhere in the world whether using your mobile phone or laptop computer.

Many will have a screen on the door where you can research recipes, browse the web for convenient cooking tips, or even just stream so videos to keep you entertained.

On the inside, it works much like any other oven, just with a few benefits. Sensors monitor temperature and humidity levels to ensure they are in check.

Some also have a built-in camera that captures your cooking process from every angle. This is great for keeping an eye on your food while you do the many other things you need to take care of. You can even stream your cooking live on Facebook or YouTube for anyone to watch. If that’s your kind of thing.

What Can a Smart Oven Do?

Obviously, they can cook your food, which I guess is the main goal of any over, smart or not. But, as I have touched on above, there are a number of features that will make the process a little more convenient for the smart home generation.

Features to look for in a smart range

Internal thermometer and automation

Some smart ovens have built-in sensors that can tell when food is ready, such as a roasting or baking sensor. You can receive notifications to your phone and avoid overcooking dishes by using the environment in the oven or physical probes in foods.

Cooking notifications

You can program various notifications to remind you that your food is done.  The best part about this oven is that it does all the thinking for you! All you need to do is set up when and what temperature to start cooking at, then let Smart Range take care of everything else.

It sends notifications if something goes wrong while cooking or if the power goes out! So whether you’re a busy parent or just really lazy, this oven has got your back.

Automatic setting selection

You can have your oven cook for you with just a few taps on the screen. You no longer need to worry about cooking times or temperatures, because these digital wonders will adjust automatically!

Simply scan in any ready-made meal and it’ll recommend settings that suit best based on what’s been scanned. It learns as well – if you always warm up croissants at 8 am every Saturday morning, then this quick setting is there for easy access when needed most!

Watch your cooking with an internal camera

OK, so maybe this is up there with watching paint dry as far as interesting hobbies go, however, for some this will be useful. If you are baking something delicate that needs monitoring, such as a soufflé, that can be ruined by opening the oven door too early, it’s a bit of a luxury. But, a fun luxury nonetheless, and let’s be honest, as you have probably already worked out, a smart oven is a luxury choice.

Voice control

Almost all smart ranges can be controlled via voice. The majority of ranges come with a built-in microphone or a connection via Amazon Alexa or Google Nest. This is a fantastic feature for anyone with limited mobility.

Remote control

If you would rather not talk to your oven, most will also have a remote control or the ability to use via an app on your smartphone.

One example of where this would be useful is if you get caught up in something while your dinner is cooking, you can easily and conveniently turn the temperature down in your oven from anywhere with an internet connection.


OK, so this isn’t a feature exclusive to smart ovens, but, if you are dropping this much money on an oven, this is a really useful feature that you should include. I’d take a self-cleaning oven over a smart oven any day. But a smart self-cleaning oven in one is a real winner.

A beautiful lady is heating food in a smart oven

How to shop for a smart oven?

There are a number of considerations to make before deciding on the right Smart Range for your home.

Smart oven sizes

The most important consideration is to look at the size of your kitchen and consider what will fit in with your cooking style. If you have a large family or cook for parties on occasion, then it is worth investing in a range that has an oven up to five cubic feet (a standard conventional oven usually ranges from four to six cubic feet).

If you don’t have much space, you may want to consider a smaller oven that is less than four cubic feet.

Number of cooking modes

Every oven has slightly different cooking modes. Some offer a basic range of functions, while others have more complex options that will satisfy the most ardent cook. Many will include steaming or air fryer functionality, and some, even the option to use multiple cooking modes at the same time.

Owner reviews

Of course, it is important to research and read about what other people are saying after they have bought and installed a smart oven.

It could be that the oven you are interested in is not the right size, has features that don’t suit your cooking style or doesn’t have all the functions you need.

Do a quick Google search to see what kind of reviews people leave about the smart range to help you make an informed decision on whether it is worth buying.


Of course, the cost of a smart oven is important. Know your budget and what you can realistically afford.

A smart range can be priced anywhere from $1000 to $15000, so be sure to know what you have available.

A couple has come to the market to buy their favorite smart oven

Common Concerns About Smart Oven Ranges

The fundamental concern is value. Do the benefits offered by a smart oven really warrant the price tag? In honesty, not really, there is no hiding, it is a luxury option.

Another concern is one that also exists with a Smart Fridge, and that is how long until the software updates stop? All smart appliances will need to update from time to time in order to keep up with new security threats. Often outdated software becomes financial baggage for tech companies and there comes a time they will stop updating them.

It is unknown how long this will take, but Apple, for example, very rarely supports outdated versions of iOS for more than 5 or 6 years. When it comes to phones, it is accepted that you will replace them every few years, but what about home appliances? It has the potential to be a problem for your wallet and the environment.

What are the best smart ovens?

So, now you know a bit more about what a smart oven can do and a few of the concerns, what are the best smart ovens on the market currently? Let’s take a quick look at some.

1. Dacor Contemporary DOP48M96DLM

Dacor contemporary dop48m96dlm

Dacor’s range is the beast of all beasts with 6 sealed burners, you can go full throttle without ever stopping.

Featuring their most advanced induction technology, this Dacor 48 inch dual-fuel ranges provide versatility. It includes a sealed burner for precision temperature control on all 7 cooking surfaces and an electric griddle.

Changing your pots from stovetop to oven couldn’t be any easier as there are smooth pass-through drawers and shelves, every corner of your kitchen will be stylishly new!

The lifetime warranty will give you peace of mind. It’s hard not to be amazed by this unit, but it does come at an expensive price point, retailing at around $14,000!

2. GE Profile30″ Smart Built-In Convection Oven with In-Oven Camera

Ge profile30" smart built-in convection oven with in-oven camera

GE products are the best and like a true blue American household appliance, they’re made to last.

GE’s oven includes major features: built-in WiFi, powered by SmartHQ App that lets you connect and control your oven from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.

You can do things like checking status without opening an oven door; in-oven CookCam™ so you know when food is done cooking just from a live stream of video feed on your phone or tablet (wherever it is), and no preheat air fryer function which means healthier fried foods in less time!

It has a bright 7″ interactive touch screen that will be your oven’s go-to point for cooking, baking, and customizing.

3. BOSCH Series 8 Ovens

Bosch series 8 ovens

Discover a range of sophisticated appliances packed with intuitive features designed to remove the guesswork from cooking your favorite dishes.

Using the PerfectBake and PerfectRoast functions, your oven automatically adjusts its built-in settings to give you perfect cakes and succulent roasts every time.

Available in classic stainless-steel or on-trend black glass, Bosch Series 8 steam ovens have been designed by experts for all types of kitchens so that no matter what type of dish you’re making it will be done right!

4. Samsung Infinite Range – Dual Cook Steam

Samsung infinite range dual cook steam

Samsung’s Infinite line is designed with the kitchen in mind. With sleek lines and a bold dial, Samsung helps you design your dream modern-kitchen aesthetic for more professional flare.

Roast, bake, or steam with the Dual Cook Steam oven that does it all. This smart cooker allows you to cook in two completely different styles and temperatures at once, even from your phone!

With a self-cleaning Pyrolytic Cleaning system for an easier clean-up, cleaning is as easy as wiping away ashes (sometimes).

And thanks to telescopic rails which slide smoothly even when there’s food on them, this cooking appliance will make any dish endlessly more enjoyable.


What does a smart oven do?

A smart oven is a device that has been fitted with sensors to measure the temperature, humidity, and air quality inside. This allows it to automatically adjust its cooking time, or even turn off when the food reaches a suitable internal temperature. It will also connect to your home WiFi network which will mean that you can control the oven remotely, or even see inside of it, via an app.

Are Smart Oven Ranges Complicated to Use?

Not really. Most people can figure out how to use their new device in less than an hour or two, and with some practice, they are actually much easier to operate than traditional ovens. As with any connected appliance, the initial connection can sometimes be a little techy, but once up and running it’s straightforward.

How much does a smart range oven cost?

You can expect to pay on average between $1000 – $3000 for a smart oven depending on brand and features. However, some will go up as high as $15000 or more.

Can Alexa turn on the oven?

Yes, almost all WiFi-connected ovens will have voice control included.

Conclusion – Should I buy a smart oven?

The answer to this question is different for each person so there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

A lot of people love smart ovens because they don’t have to worry about checking on the food when you have a smart oven with a camera built-in.

However, the price can be expensive and is definitely a luxury item.

So I think it all comes down to personal choice. If you are setting up a smart home and love the idea of a connected kitchen, there are some brilliant smart ovens available. Especially the ones that include self-cleaning.

But, if you are already stretched on your budget, then I wouldn’t say you are missing out on anything that is a must-have by buying a traditional oven.

If you are upgrading your home step-by-step and can’t afford a built-in smart oven, be sure to check out some of the smart air fryers, countertop ovens, or smart pots. These can be a great option and are quite a bit cheaper.

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